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Inside Out

Which forensic imager is the fastest?

We all face the problem of growing amounts of evidence on a regular basis. Improving raw acquisition speed is one way to limit the impact of this, and Evimetry has been consistently delivering the fastest acquisition speeds bar none since we launched two years ago.

Yet we aren’t the only solution claiming to be the “fastest” or have “unparalleled” speeds.

Led by a practitioner and forensic scientist, it is in Evimetry’s DNA to value substantiation. Our results are backed up by scientifically peer-reviewed publications and documented in our blog posts and workshops.

The following graph shows the acquisition rate of a 1TB Samsung 960 Pro NVMe drive. We used Evimetry to undertake linear acquisitions to 4x Samsung 512 GB 860 Pro SSD’s as striped images, using a 6-core Xeon-D CPU. The variable is drive allocation: we started with an empty (TRIM’ed) drive, then filled it with a Windows 10 OS install and a corpus of common corporate documents and video. These figures don’t account for verification time.

We can acquire an empty 1TB NVMe drive in 4 minutes 52s. That’s a rate of 200 GB/m, or 12 TB/h. No other product comes close to these speeds.

In the real world, suspect drives contain data rather than empty runs of 0x00, and Evimetry’s acquisition speeds depend on how much actual data is stored on the suspect drive. For a drive that is 40% utilized it takes us 7m48s (still faster than anyone else’s claim) and at 95% utilized it takes us 12m57s.

In absence of substantiation from other quarters we remain confident that we offer the fastest acquisition solution available today. We encourage you to do your own validation of both our results, and the claims of other tools.