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Inside Out

Announcing Evimetry Lab: changing the game for in-lab forensics

When it comes to preserving evidence, DF labs generally fall into two camps. Those that  acquire in the field, and those that collect evidence in the field,  only later doing acquisition in-lab. Over the last two years, Evimetry's product offerings have been primarily aimed at the former. Practitioners have benefited from the fastest in-field acquisitions, while at the same time enabling meaningful analysis work to occur while waiting for acquisition complete.

Evimetry Lab, announced last week at the EnFuse conference, changes the game for the latter group. This groundbreaking approach enables analysis and time-consuming processing tasks (such as indexing) to begin immediately after acquisition begins. The traditional delay between waiting for acquisition to complete prior to beginning processing is removed, leading to processing tasks completing hours earlier, and answers sooner.

Evimetry Lab Delivers answers hours sooner.

How much sooner? The comparison above shows a time-consuming indexing run using NUIX completing hours earlier when using Evimetry Lab as opposed to traditional forensic imaging workflows. There is also some live analysis using EnCase thrown in good measure.

Want more info? Check out the Evimetry Lab in more detail, or send us an email.