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Native AFF4 read support for X-Ways & Forensic Explorer

In the last two weeks, two of our favourite disk forensic tools integrated native read support for the AFF4 forensic format. Forensic Explorer released v4 of their product, with native AFF4 read support, and X-Ways Forensics released v19.5, which has a plugin API supporting our AFF4 read plugin.

This represents a big step forward towards general adoption of the next-generation image format.


Evimetry's filesystem bridge provides a straightforward and efficient way of consuming AFF4 images from any commercial forensic tool, and results in faster analysis & processing than E01's. Despite this, it is convenient to be able to open AFF4 images directly from tools without having this dependency.

For the last year and a half, Evimetry have been investing significant effort in growing the AFF4 ecosystem, by standardising the format, providing open-source implementations, integrations with leading open source forensic software, and working with commercial vendors to integrate read support.

In October we worked closely with X-Ways to define a plug-in API to support new forensic image formats, which X-Ways integrated in the 19.5 beta releases. We followed this up by producing an X-Ways plugin to read AFF4 images via our C++ based Evimetry libAFF4 Reader DLL. Around the same time, we provided the reader DLL's to the folks behind Forensic Explorer (FEX). In no time, the v4 beta builds of FEX supported reading AFF4 images too.

Usage: X-Ways >= 19.5

Download the current Evimetry X-Ways AFF4 reader plugin, and copy the contents into the X-Ways installation folder. Make sure you have the Visual C++ 2015 Runtime installed.

CAVEAT: Only x64 is supported for now.

UPDATE: We now support x86 (32 bit) as well.

Usage: Forensic Explorer >= 4.0

The current FEX 4.0 build already integrates the Evimetry libAFF4 reader DLLs. This DLL contains a bug that has since been fixed in a later version of the DLL. We anticipate that this will make it into the next release of FEX. In the meantime replace the libaff4 DLL in Forensic Explorer with the one contained in the Evimetry libAFF4 reader DLL package.

Caveat: BETA code quality

Please note that the Evimetry libAFF4 reader DLLs are currently at BETA quality, while we undertake further testing and importantly, tuning. If you strike any issues, please submit a bug report to .

Update 18 June 2019

The plugin has been updated and can now be found at the Evimetry X-Ways Plugin page.