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Call for participation - AFF4 Working Group meeting at DFRWS 2017 USA

The Advanced Forensic Format 4 Working Group (AFF4 WG) is calling for interested parties to join the second working group meeting, to be co-located at the DFRWS Conference 2017, in Austin, TX.

Originally proposed in 2009 by Michael Cohen, Simson Garfinkel, and Bradley Schatz, the AFF4 forensic container enables new approaches to forensics, unparalleled forensic acquisition speeds and more accurate representation of evidence. The AFF4 WG has recently released v1.0 of the AFF4 Standard, including canonical images, specification, and open source libraries for implementers. Current AFF4 implementations include Rekall, Evimetry, Sleuth Kit, Volatility and GRR.

For more information, please see the working group mailing list, or contact Bradley Schatz or Michael Cohen.

Co-Chair: Dr Bradley L Schatz, Schatz Forensic/Evimetry, [ bradley schatzforensic com ] Co-Chair: Dr Michael Cohen, Google, [ scudette google com ]

AFF4 working group mailing list:!forum/aff4-wg