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Inside Out

Introducing Evimetry Community Edition

Evimetry Community Edition provides a subset of the Evimetry system for free. The purpose of this is to grow the AFF4 ecosystem, firstly by providing a pain free path for Evimetry licensees to provide AFF4 images to non-licensees. Secondly, we wanted to provide practitioners, researchers and educators a freely available implementation of the AFF4 standard v1.0 which can be used to gain familiarity with the format. Schatz Forensic, the creators of Evimetry, drove the standardisation effort behind the AFF4 Standard v1.0.

With the Community Licenced Evimetry Controller, you can create Linear AFF4 Images on your Windows based analysis system, verify the integrity of AFF4 images, and convert between AFF4, E01/EWF and Raw images. You can also mount AFF4 images as virtual disks and analyse with your preferred forensic tools.

Using the Community Licenced Evimetry Filesystem Bridge, you can access entire repositories of AFF4 images as virtual raw files, enabling straightforward consumption with your existing forensic toolkit.

The release of Evimetry Community Edition coincides with the release by Schatz Forensic of open source implementations of the AFF4 format, patches to the Sleuth Kit supporting AFF4 images, and the release of the AFF4 Standard v1.0.

To gain access to the initial release of Evimetry Community Edition, email us at .