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Inside Out

Introducing Evimetry: digital forensics at wire speed

Digital forensics is full of waiting. Waiting for acquisitions to complete. Waiting for images to process. Waiting for flights and waiting in data centres.

We set out to remove this wait.

In November 2014, Schatz Forensic quietly opened a beta program for a new forensic tool aimed at speeding forensic workflow. The innovative system accelerates acquisition and processing of evidence and closes the gap between acquisition and analysis.

A long beta program has allowed us to listen to our testers, and target the pain points in their forensic process. Practitioners love the faster acquisitions and processing, and cutting hours of wait time from cases. Incident responders are excited by travel-free remote live analysis, and rapid partial imaging of high value artefacts.

Today marks the general availability release of Evimetry Wirespeed. If you are ready for a more efficient workflow and less waiting, visit or contact us.