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Inside Out

Macintosh Forensic Acquisition

Recently the Mac OS X Forensics site has been amassing a wealth of information on acquiring and analysing Macintosh OS X computers. Additionally, the “Inside the Core” podcast has made a strong start at presenting similar and related content as a podcast. Both teams deserve congratulations and encouragement for their contributions.

One problem that I have observed with acquiring Macs is a particular problem with some Apple keyboards that have a brushed aluminium appearance. They will not reliably allow one to boot to CD or target mode using option keys, due to (purportedly) a firmware bug. The result of this can be an unplanned booting of the hard disk in the computer, and resulting modification of the state of the disk.

I haven’t observed this problem with any other Apple keyboards. Forensic practitioners may want to consider making it a part of your practice to ensure that you are booting with a non aluminium keyboard.