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Independent Computer Expert.

Search Orders (Anton Piller) execution requires an Independent Computer Expert.

We preserve evidence under stingent legal, technical and time pressures.

In civil litigation, a means is provided for compelling the preservation of evidence held by a party, where there is reasonable belief that the party may destroy such evidence. These orders were, in Australia, formerly known as Anton Piller Orders, and are today known as Search Orders.

Practice Directions regarding Search Orders include:

These practice directions provide for preserving digital evidence by the inclusion of an "Independent Computer Expert" in the search party.

Our evidence has been used as a basis of successfully applying for and being granted such orders. In separate matters we have been appointed as an Independent Computer Expert in the execution of Search Orders and other warrants.

How we help

We provide expert services in relation to the execution of search orders and and other warrants:

  • Assistance in preparing the technical aspects of orders to foster efficient and timely execution and subsequent search.
  • Execution of Warrants and Search Orders.
  • Preservation of evidence.
  • Search of evidence.