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Forged Electronic Document Experts.

Digital evidence is readily forgeable

We regularly analyse claims of forged electronic documents.

Digital documents such as emails, spreadsheets and PDF's are now regularly accepted by the court as document based evidence. Unlike regular paper based documents, digital documents may be perfectly copied and used as the basis of a forged document. This leads to the common claim of forged documents. Fortunately, the act of undertaking such forgeries generally leaves traces.

We regularly analyse digital evidence in relation to claims of fabrication.

How we help

We provide expert advice, opinion and analysis services in relation to claims of forged digital documents:

  • Preservation of evidential sources related to suspected forged documents.
  • Advice on gaining access to evidenctial sources of relevance to establishing provenance of forged documents.
  • Analysis of suspected forged documents and related evidence.
  • Reporting on analysis.

Case Study: Claims of forged emails

In a property and family dispute, a party produced an email threatening a third party as evidence against the character of the other party. The other party denied having sent the email and claimed that their web email service had been hacked.

A forensic analysis of evidence related to the web based email provider, and the associted emails yielded evidenced of the email account having been accessed by IP addresses not known to the accused, and that the email account had been accessed by a mobile phone device not known to the accused. The evidence produced from this analysis was sufficient for the court to grant a subpoena to a telecommunications operator for the subscriber details related to the unknown IP addresses.

The results of the subpoena were produced at a mediation conference, and the accuser settled shortly thereafter.