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Expert Witness.

Expert witness.

We provide expert evidence in the field of digital forensics.

The role of an expert witness is to assist the court in finding facts where the questions at hand are of a technical nature. It is vital that the expert witness is independent, appropriately qualified, credible and reliable.

Dr Schatz is one of the most highly qualified expert witnesses in his field. His strength lies in his ability to take complex technical situations and translate them into easily understood and credible reporting and testimony. This is facilitated by his deep technical knowledge in the area of forensic computer science. Dr Schatz is consistent, independent and direct, providing reporting and testimony upon which all parties and the court can rely.

Dr Schatz had provided expert evidence in matters under Federal, Supreme, District and Magistrates court jurisdictions, in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, in the role of single party expert and joint expert. He is familiar with and adheres to the duties and responsibilities of an Expert stated in various courts' codes of conduct, court rules and guidelines, including: