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Embedded Forensic Experts.

Embedded computing devices require custom techniques.

We develop custom techniques for analysing embedded computing devices.

Embedded devices range from digital CCTV systems to SCADA process controllers; from game consoles to USB keys. Obtaining evidence from such devices is, in general, not possible using mainstream forenic tools and techniques

We have extensive experience in extracting evidence from embedded computing devices, using techniques including removal of memory storage chips, utilizing hardware JTAG debug facilities, and interpreting custom storage formats.

How we help

We provide expert advice, opinion and analysis services in relation to embedded device forensic matters:

  • Data recovery from broken embedded devices.
  • Data recovery from broken USB flash drives.
  • Extraction of evidence from locked digital devices.
  • Assurance of hardware device integrity.
  • Interpretation of evidence.

Case Study: Claims of manufacturd CCTV evidence

A business defending a workplace injury claim relied on video recordings contained in a Digital Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) system in operation at their premises. The plaintiff claimed that the video recordings produced were footage taken from an unrelated occasion. At issue was establishing that the time and date stamps embedded in the video recordings were unaltered and that the clock on which they were based was accurate.

The CCTV system in question was of a proprietary nature and the manufacturer was not forthcoming in sharing information on how to authenticate the time and date stamps embedded in the video. A methodology for establishing the integrity of the video recording and the accuracy of the clock generating the associated timestamps was developed and undertaken.

The court accepted the conclusions of the analysis and found the CCTV based evidence reliable.