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eDiscovery and Electronic Disclosure Experts.

Producing electronic documents in litigation is challenging.

We solve complex electronic disclosure problems.

The vast majority of information and records are now created and stored in digital format. Discovery now encompasses new information mediums such as word processing documents, emails, voice messages, SMS, and social media applications like Facebook. Additional new sources of information can have bearing: water-cooler gossip can be committed to email and text messaging conversations stored on corporate mobile phone backups.

How we help

We focus on finding efficient ways of preserving evidence for later electronic discovery, and on solving complex electronic disclosure problems not well handled by mainstream eDiscovery software or processes.

  • Development and execution of custom preservation protocols.
  • Targeted preservation of electronic records and documents involving difficult preservation strategies e.g. Social media, cloud services.
  • Conversion of data to more useable media formats (i.e. from tape, database, cloud application).

Case Study: Disclosure in software litigation

The relationship between a software provider and their customer had broken down and the parties were in litigation. Central sources of disclosable evidence included two specialised applications and databases: a source code repository (used by software devlopers for storing numerous historical revisions of source code) and a bug tracking system (used to track defects in software and their resolution). The litigants were multi-nationals and their email was stored across multiple jurisdictions.

The challenges in the matter included:

  • Preservation of emails across multiple jurisdictions in a complete and forensically defensable manner.
  • Extraction and production of all revisions of the software source code in a readable form.
  • Extraction and production of bug tracking related defects stored in a Web 2.0 application.

Schatz Forensic assisted by:

  • Developing a preservation protocol such that the client could preserve the relevant email related evidence using their own staff, and without consultant travel costs.
  • Developing, executing and validating an automated means of extracting software source code versions from the source code repository and producing readily accessible text documents for disclosure.
  • Developing, executing and validating an automated means of extracting relevant documents from the bug tracking software and producing accessible HTML documents for disclosure.