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Criminal Prosecution & Defence Experts.

Criminal prosecution & defence.

Dr Schatz acts in the capacity of an independent expert in criminal matters, and has been engaged by both prosecution and defence on a range of matters relating to:

  • Terrorism
  • Child exploitation
  • Contempt of court
  • Fraud
  • Computer intrusions

How we help

We provide expert advice, opinion and analysis services in relation to criminal prosecution and defence matters:

  • Review of third party statements and expert reports.
  • Explanation of the relevance of thrid party evidence.
  • Independent examination of evidence.
  • Validation of and opinon on third party expert reports and evidence.

Case Study: Contempt of court

A journalist published a blog post and broadcast Twitter messages shortly before the issuance of a supression order related to the subject of the blog post. The blog post was not taken down or redacted in a timely manner, and contempt of court proceedings were initiated against the journalist. The blog post was redacted shortly thereafter.

We were instructed by the prosecution to collect evidence of what was published, when it was published, and when it was redacted.

Despite the original content no longer being accessible, a range of online evidential sources were identified and preserved. The result of an analysis of the evidence was the establishing the time of publication and redaction.

The evidence was accepted by the defence as fact.