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Confidential Information Theft Investigators.

Theft of confidential information is a common concern of businesses.

Acting quickly gives you the best chance of success.

Businesses generally make available a broad range of confidential information to their employees, with little control or visibility over when, where or how such information is used.

Copying of such information leading up to exiting employment is, in our experience, a commmon practice.

We regularly analyse corporate computers, mobile phones and tablets in regard to claims of such copying. The outcomes of such analysis are often the identification of evidence of copying and collusion sufficient for corporates to rapidly assert their contractual or fiduciary rights.

How we help

We provide expert advice, opinion and analysis services in relation to matters involving the loss of confidential or proprietary information:

  • Employment exit reviews of information access.
  • Preservation of potentially relevant evidence from related corporate laptops, mobile phones, desktops, and servers.
  • Analysis of communications, copying of files, usage of online services for evidence of exfiltration of confidential data.
  • Analysis of third party digital documents for traces of copying.
  • Reporting on analysis.
  • Advice in preparation of search orders.

Case Study: Breach of fiduciary duties

A successful business was notified by a loyal client that they had been solicited by a key employee of the business. The solicitation was to move their custom to a second business which the employee was in the process of setting up. Three key employees were identified as being involved.

A forensic analysis of the employees' computers yielded months worth of communications regarding the establishment of the competing business and use of proprietary information in its operation. A fourth, formerly unsuspected, member of the group was identified.

The evidence obtained was sufficient grounds for terminating the employment of all members of the group and formulate a legal and commercial strategy for dealing with the competitor.