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Computer Forensics Experts.

Computer forensic evidence is regularly
relied upon by the court.

We find evidence in computers; servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, CCTV systems, USB keys...

Today, computers have shrunk and proliferated into places where they aren't generally recognisable: tablets, mobile phones, televisions, cars. In this environment, the analysis of what were traditionally referred to as computers is now referred to as computer forensics, in comparison to the newer sub-fields such as mobile device forensics, embedded forensics and the like. Our expertise is primarily across computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, software forensics and embedded forensics.

Common sources of evidence include workstations, laptops, corporate servers, and backup tapes. Our computer forensic analysis has been applied to a wide range of practice areas, including:

How we help

We provide expert advice, opinion and analysis services in relation to computer forensics and digital evidence matters:

  • Assist in identifying potentially relevant evidence
  • Obtaining computer, network, and other digital evidence in manner that is admissible in court
  • Analysis and investigation of data
  • Identification of facts
  • Assurance of reliability of evidence
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Opinion on and validation of third party expert reports and evidence